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Concrete Pools Dayton OH

The temperature is rising. You want a way to feel refreshed and cool down, but you do not have a pool or you need pool restoration. Don’t sweat it! (pun intended)  Our expert team of concrete contractors Dayton locals (and surrounding areas) can rely on for all of your concrete pool installation, concrete pool repair and concrete pool deck needs! We are ready and eager to help make your spot, the “hot” spot to cool down!   

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Dayton Concrete Pool Installation

A pool is a great addition to your outdoor living space! Whether you want a large pool to entertain with pool parties, or a smaller pool to accommodate a smaller space. We can handle it all! From full length pools with various depths, to a curved pool, to a pool that is a single depth throughout. Let’s work together to make your backyard the oasis that your neighbors dream of by adding a beautiful pool hangout! Share your vision with us to make your dream a reality!

Concrete Pool Repair Dayton

Searching for ‘pool repair near me’, or ‘pool resurfacing Dayton’?  No need to look further. We have you covered for all your pool restoration needs. Waiting to complete a pool repair while still using it can be costly. When a concrete pool  starts cracking, water can begin to leak. This results in erosion around the pool area, which can lead to more issues. Not to mention, leaking water will require frequent refills which can be an expensive water bill! Don’t let this problem fester, call us for your pool restoration needs to maintain functionality for many years to come!

concrete pool resurfacing Dayton
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Concrete Pool Decks

If you are looking to repair the concrete pool deck to make your oasis more visually appealing and safe, our trained contractors can help with concrete deck lifting, concrete leveling, concrete repair Dayton Ohio, and caulking and swimming pool deck sealant.

Visit our Concrete Patio Dayton Ohio Page for ideas on how we can customize the look of your concrete pool deck, or our Concrete Repair Dayton Ohio page for more information on that.

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